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April 02, 2003

Seven-headed programming

If you do any collaborative programming, there's yet another reason to get a Mac with OS X. Hydra allows multiple users on a network (automatically detected by Rendezvous) to edit the same text file(s) in real time. The editor has lots of perks: syntax highlighting, spell checking, and functional bookmarks to name a few. The team is expecting to add scripting support in the near future. Oh, and its a free 600K download.

Posted by Chris at April 2, 2003 12:51 PM


In an unrelated comment, we watched Bend It Like Beckham on Saturday, and enjoyed it quite a bit. It makes me feel a little bit sorry for my Indian friends, but as someone with a Big Fat (thankfully non-traditional) Greek Family, I understand and sympathize.

Posted by: Jaime at April 7, 2003 10:57 AM

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